Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sustainable Sushi -- the latest HypFood

As consumers and foodies become more aware of the challenges to marine organisms and the questionable practices of fish farming, SUSTAINABILITY of sushi sources is becoming a consideration for owners and consumers alike.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is the new certifying body for sushi and seafood restaurants. HypFood'ies get familiar with their logo/seal of approval:

Christian Science Monitor featured a gorgeous two-page spread last week on the subject of guilt-free sushi. Read their excellent coverage here.

Access the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list online for real time guidance when choosing sushi or seafood.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption In Middle Age Can Lower Cardiac Risk, Study Shows

Human study published in American Journal of Medicine yields surprising findings. Bottom line = cardiac health is only one component of your midlife wellness profile; consider all factors carefully. Study indicates wine is better than other forms of alcohol. Moderate defined as one drink per day or less for women; not more than 2 per day for men.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption In Middle Age Can Lower Cardiac Risk, Study Shows

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HypFoods Iced Tea Chiller (a HypFoods original concoction)

Staying cool when the ambient temperature soars into the triple digits? That's a critical path to survival, not to mention basic comfort. More than attention to temperature alone, it's also important to maintain superior hydration. Drinking tap water is better than nothing, but you really need to keep your electrolytes up, too. Remember that caffeine (i.e., tea or coffee beverage) is dehydrating, so you need to pump it up a little to counteract that effect.

Here's my current convenience favorite:

6 oz Ito En Lemongrass Tea, poured into a snack baggie and frozen solid, then placed into a stainless steel insulated cup.

8 - 10 oz Ito En Lemongrass Tea
1.5 oz (a shot) of VitaCoco 100% Coconut WATER (not coconut milk)
2 oz of R. W. Knudsen ORGANIC Lemon ReCharge

Stir and consume with pleasure. Repeat.

My second favorite fully charged "beat the heat" beverage: FIJI water

Black Tea May Fight Diabetes

HypFoods notation: Whenever possible, select ORGANIC black tea to limit the possibility of pesticides and other chemical process contaminants in your brew.

Black Tea May Fight Diabetes

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