Sunday, December 20, 2009

HypFoods Episode 001 >> In-House Gluten-Free Bread, Quick & Easy

If you are puzzling about the art of baking gluten-free bread, I have GREAT news for you! It doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Watch the short video above to learn how to make DELICIOUS, fresh, gluten-free bread using the Breadman Pro and Pamela's Amazing bread mix.

I tried many recipes and techniques before I finally gave in to the wisdom of the group and went with Pamela's. I wanted to make a high-quality gluten-free bread from scratch so that I had complete control of the ingredients. After many disappointments and near misses, I was getting discouraged and Hubbers was growing rebellious.

I do love and respect fellow gluten-free blogger, Karina Allrich, and her post about Pamela's bread made in the Breadman Pro fairly glowed like a beacon from SoCal. I was seduced. I bought the goods and baked the bread. Oh, MAN! At last! Warm, fresh bread with butter and honey; toast with fresh eggs; corned beef sandwiches! Heaven! A bread that tasted GREAT and didn't hurt me at all!

It makes a tall loaf when fully risen and displays nice little air pockets throughout. The crust browns up perfectly and the bread is a gorgeous shade of off-white with a rich, nutty sort of smell to it. You know how most gluten-free bread has the mass of a concrete block? Not this one!  It slices nicely and stays fresh for several days. I store mine in a plastic lok-n-seal container with a loose wrap of waxed paper to separate the bread from the plastic surfaces that promote mold growth.

There are some tricks to achieving that perfect loaf, so be sure to play the video above and read the tips on Karina's page, as well.

Consider the Breadman Pro and a supply of Pamela's Amazing Gluten-Free Bread Mix as a gift for your favorite gluten-free peep!

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Jeanne said...

Thanks for the video! I use this mix and I have the Breadman Pro--great machine. I just wanted to say that I have found it not necessary to have the water exactly any particular temperature. As long as it's warm but not hot to the touch, it's fine. Also, olive oil and/or walnut oil will give a bit of a specific taste to the bread--which is fine, as long as you're aware of what you're doing. I usually use a neutral-flavored oil like Rice Bran oil or Canola oil. Thanks again!

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