Sunday, August 16, 2009

So what's the deal with Coconut Water?

Haven't you heard about this natural wonder? I first became interested in coconut water when I was battling insulin resistance and experiencing chronic dehydration/thirst. I had heard on a PBS documentary that it was used as a substitute for emergency blood plasma during the Second World War, Pacific theater.

That reminded me of how much I loved coconut water as a child in South Florida. We had coconut palms on our property and it was an afternoon of entertainment with Gran to husk the fruit, crack the nut and drink the juice stored within.

CLICK here for the SCOOP. What all this means if you are into mixology is this: if you ignore coconut water, you squander a chance to be GOOD to your patrons!

There are those who say you can kick a hangover to the curb with coconut water, too. HypFoods advocates for responsible use of mixology & consumption, avoiding the hangover punishment altogether!

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